SHARED VISION OF THE FUTURE (alternative to the Strategic Plan)

● to define strategic priorities in the framework of a desired future vision
● to vivify work teams and their cohesion in relation to projects
● to draw up a mobilizing narrative for the members of a work network

Processes for creating a vision or mission have become so stereotyped that they have ended up becoming sterile exercises in the day-to-day functioning of an organisation. In such cases, the disconnection between these formulations and what feels relevant to the members of a work team alienates the leadership of its managers.

We work on the basis that all the members of an organisation naturally create their visions when they try to give meaning to their actions (collective knowledge). Therefore, the process consists of facilitating the emergence of this shared meaning and structuring it in the form of a vision that includes the desire and commitments of its members. To achieve this, we use dialogue-based and generative methodologies that create a new framework of meaning.

Paradoxically, this process enables differences to be recognized and accepted to a grater extent as elements that enrich collective work.


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