We recommend articles and books, written by ourselves or by third parties, which provide conceptual support for the Institute’s activities and which illustrate perspectives that alter the usual way in which we manage ourselves and experience our organisations and societies.

Special emphasis is placed on the Organisational Innovaction Collection directed by the Institute.

Organizational Innovation Collection

Improving work systems

(2013) Mejorando los sistemas de trabajo. Reflexiones de un profesional.
Colección Innovacción Organizativa, Ed. Innova, Barcelona

– Hoebeke, Luc

Edición impresa: 22€


Articles / Books:

Emergence of vision

(2013) The emergence of vision in organizations. A mobilizing process. Aloma, Journal of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences, Barcelona.

Group relations work

(2015) Group relations work in contexts of complexity and transition. Chapter 3 in Group Relations Work, volum IV. Karnac Books

– Roma Vergés, J.; Sierra Lozano, D.; Benavent Guàrdia, J.; Carrau Pascual, S.

Radicalization Processes

(2018) Co-constructing a society that promotes life. An exploration of the unconscious dynamics in radicalization processes

– Roma, J.; Carrau, S.; Sierra, D.; Benavent, J.