INNOVA institute for the organizational and social innovation

Specialists in support for organisational changes and professional transitions, and in the development of skills through experience-based methodologies.


Since 1994, the INNOVA Institute has been mentoring organisations and individuals in their processes of transition, offering them consultancy services, role assessment and capacity development from a perspective that incorporates the techno-structural, pyschosocial, political and strategic-existential dimensions present in these processes.

Based on the methodology of learning through experience, the Institute offers open, regularly scheduled programmes on leadership, new organisational frameworks, consultancy, political capacities and working with diversity. In the area of social care Innova promotes the Centre for Research into Organizational Practices for managers of teams and organizations.

In its community dimension, Innova co-organises activities focused on social reflection and on the development of citizens’ capacity for agency.




  • Interested in revitalising their organisation and/or projects
  • Disappointed with traditional management methods
  • Keen to make the most of the contributions of the people in their organisation
  • Overwhelmed by the complexity of the environment
  • With a sense of entrepreneurship and curiosity
  • Tired of coming up against the same obstacles all the time
  • Under pressure to increase efficiency with fewer resources
  • Tired of dealing with the same old problems

and those who sense that companies, institutions,
projects and the people involved can relate to
each other and organise themselves in different ways
that are more interesting, efficient, effective,
responsible and viable


Management team

Esmeralda Bellés
| Secretary
Jaume Benavent Guardia
| Project Dir.
Carme Bertran
| Finance
Sandra Carrau Pascual
| Program Coord.
Joan Roma i Vergés
| President
David Sierra Lozano
| Consultancy Coord.
Marcia Sigüenza
| Project Coord. USA and Latin America


Consulting team

Jaume Benavent Guardia | Barcelona
Sandra Carrau Pascual | Barcelona
Luc Hoebeke | Lovaina
Anat Hornung Ziff | Washington
Fernando Leeson | Barcelona
Penélope Mato | San Francisco
Marcelo Mauas | Tel Aviv
Joan Roma i Vergés | Barcelona
David Sierra Lozano | Barcelona
Agustina Sirgo Rodríguez | Reus
Joan Teixidor | Barcelona
Albert Viadé | Barcelona