Leadership in action

A programme guiding managers, entrepreneurs and professionals at times of transition in their projects, companies or institutions. Groups of up to 5 people reflect on their work situations, applying the Transnovaction® multidimensional model. They thus broaden their understanding of the experience and become predisposed to finding new repertoires of action. The role, understood as the practical interpretation made by an individual of the task demanded in a work group, is a central theme that runs throughout the process. It is approached by and applied to the typical situations that participants contribute in the sessions. The participants are invited to consider themselves authors  and products of a network in which they both influence and are influenced, creating other roles, relations, structures, ways of working and results. The complex dynamics involved in processes of transition and change often confuse and disorientate in the organisational labyrinth, making the possibility of carrying out the required task more difficult. The possibility of sharing and contrasting with others, guided by consultants who are experienced in these processes, enables the discovery of new resources, along with suitable and innovative ways of exercising the role. There are three types of group sessions, structured according to the participants’ degree of experience with this type of methodology: introductory, consolidation and contrast sessions. When organisational or personal circumstances make it advisable, individual advisory sessions are held. Types of situation that may be suitable for this programme:

  • when taking on new tasks or functions, e.g. management roles…
  • when joining new teams or organisations
  • when reassessing one’s professional orientation
  • when starting new projects
  • when task and relational difficulties exist in the usual organisational context
  • when preparing to take on management jobs
  • when work team improvement initiatives take place