Leadership for Purpose and Potential

Thane, Maharashtra (India), 22-27 June 2020

A Group Relations Conference (GRC) offers a unique opportunity to explore how you take up roles in the various systems that you are part of, as well as the habitual patterns that influence individual and group identities and collective behaviour – both conscious and unconscious.

Hierarchies and privilege shape our politics, our neighborhoods, our societies and our sense of self. They are often the elephant in the room, resulting in the activation of deep anxieties, sense of threat and reactive habitual responses. This makes it difficult to have conversations and explorations about these issues, let alone unpack them in order to shift hardened stances.

This GRC offers the theme unpacking hierarchy and privilege as an invitation to explore how these intertwined dynamics influence the possibility of the roles we take up, the choices we make, the stances we assume and the leadership we exercise. The implication of these are visible in how humane, just and compassionate our families, communities, organisations, and societies are and can be. The title, task and design of this GRC also offer the possibility of unpacking and exploring these dynamics from various perspectives and lenses – the individual, group, and system, recognising that these are interdependent and are constantly shaping and co-creating one another.

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