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The Emergence of Vision in Organizations. A Mobilizing Process

Traditional managerial concepts, such as organizational vision, which include practice and methodology, have come to lose their mobilizing potential. The authors propose an alternative to revitalization by including a temporal dimension: instead of an ideal vision of the future, the vision is supposed to be already included in the present actions, if we are able to identify it. It is not created by a couple of people but co-created by all members of the organization, who confer sense to their actions. Using the Transnovación Organizativa® methodological approach, this article presents a methodology that is meant to foster the emergence of vision by the identification of the organizational singularity: its baseline. This can be used as a resource for leadership, so that the transitions can be guided with soundness and flexibility in a context of difficulties. We also present the practical implications of this method for the concept of leadership and management, in coherence between what is desired and how it is carried out.

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