Company and family

The Guidance Programme for Family-owned Companies®, offers a means for owners and managers to find the best conditions for ensuring the viability of their transition processes, in particular those of a trans-generational nature. The viability of the company depends on its capacity to identify the idiosyncratic traits, distinctive of the organisation itself, a family business, that are at the source of the business, its products or services and perhaps its organisational form. The incorporation of new managerial methods and structures must enable them to be more genuine. In this respect, the Programme helps organisations to identify the distinctive traits that have enabled them to build themselves into what they have been until now. It proposes a progressive work process structured around the rhythm of the natural and specific sequence followed by each family-owned organisation over the course of its life cycle. Through this Programme, owners and/or managers can find their own answers to each of the following fundamental questions:

  •  What needs to be done in order for the partners to want to continue sharing ownership?
  • How can we generate a common vision of where we want to go
  • How can we agree on the issues that should serve to govern our future relations and how can this be implemented in means such as protocol?
  • How can we identify vocation and business/management capacities among the new generations and how can they be developed and channelled?
  • How can we establish the structure and criteria for the proper functioning of each of the governance and executive bodies?