Experiential learning

The requirements of the programmes created and developed by the Innova Institute reflect its conception of learning and entail specific methodological conditions. We highlight the following requirements:

  • The methodological processes are geared towards enabling participants to autonomously apply their discoveries to their respective realities.
  • The individual and collective learning experiences that take place in the programmes also enrich the work systems and/or organisations from which participants come.
  • The generation of experience in situ is the basic learning channel through which participants acquire the necessary capacities as they practise them and reflect on the experience (action learning).
  • The learning process is unique and contextual for each participant, who is guiding the process in accordance with the meaning that it acquires and his/her previous experience.
  • The consultancy staff manages the methodology, oversees the process as it is being carried out and ensures that it stays focused on its intended purposes.
  • The process of acquiring complex capacities generates feelings of both progress and regression in learning, which the consultancy staff takes into account and guides by means of the various proposed methodologies.
  • Methodological conditions are created (potential spaces) that enable participants to put into practice their discoveries, take risks, manage the emotions that emerge and persist in their application.
  • People have capacities and resources that under the right conditions may emerge or be used in new contexts.
  • The use of generative perspectives and methodologies increases potentialities – individual and collective – and facilitates the discovery of existing ones.

The programmes are open to managers, professionals and consultants from all sorts of organisational backgrounds or are designed specifically for an organisation. Companies and institutions often include these programmes on organisational transition processes as a means to prepare their members and/or managers in these processes.